As hinted in the previous Crudo Volta documentary, ‘Woza Taxi’, african urban music is increasingly influencing the fabric of European club culture.

‘Yenkyi Taxi’ sets out to document how does that influence comes into play, once it reaches the creative process of an artist who is both European and African. The project, at crossroads between back to roots and coming to age narratives, follows and captures the trip of Hagan, electronic music producer from London of Ghanaian origin in search of creative authenticity in a context of multiple identities.

‘Yenkyi Taxi’ also chronicles the work-in-progress of Hagan’s new musical effort. The documentary also provided a great occasion to interact with local musicians from the contemporary dance and electronic scene such as Gafacci (Akwaaba/Enchufada/Mixpak) and Rvdikal The Kid (Soulection/Flow Fi) and from the traditional scene in order to understand how modern and traditional elements interact in Ghanaian contemporary music and what are the insights and possibilities ahead of us.

‘Yenkyi Taxi’ is an inspirational documentary that will use the narrator perspective aiming to encourage more artist to reconnect with their roots.

You can now watch the documentary in its entirety.

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Published 2 years ago

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