Earlier this year, Pineal Sounds marked their one year anniversary with a 17 minute production mix titled ‘38‘ by #BB, an artist based out in Los Angeles. Whilst working together, #BB and Pineal Sounds decided to release ‘Emo38’ featuring Paige (taken from the production mix) as a separate track accompanied by an official music video for #BB’s debut single on the label.

Whilst viewing #BB’s video, it could be suggested that the visuals on display mirror the contrast between the production and the vocal elements of the song. For instance, the overloaded patterns in the background appear to correspond to the combination of different sounds ongoing throughout ‘Emo38’, as opposed to Paige’s youthful and subtle vocals that could perhaps be seen through the calm and simple video clips presented in the middle. With these aspects intertwined with one another, ‘Emo38’ creates a sense of innocence and mystery at the same time, almost making the listener want to know more about what ‘Emo38’ really represents.

In addition to working with special artists for releases, Pineal Sounds are also known for running great club nights. In collaboration with District Sound, they are welcoming Kieran Loftus to The Hub (Dalston) with support from resident DJs on Saturday 30th July – more information can be found here.

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Published 3 years ago

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