Directed by Monoburo (Jérôme HERVÉ & Romain CIEUTAT)

“It’s that time again at CCB headquarter for reaping the harvest of another good year for the label. The “Paris Club Music, Volume 3” is here and the journey is better than ever. Once again the full crew worked hard to deliver this time a more contemplative yet still percussive set of tracks exploring the dance music of tomorrow.

First in the field Bambounou and French fries teams up for “Mizu Ni Idou Suru” an intimate slow mo thing playing with intricate rhythm textures and dusty key stabs fading away in the back. Aleqs Notal use some lush pads in “Ceos Vision” melted with delicate tribal percussions who would perfectly fit in a 8 A.M. set. Next in line is the digital voodoo vibes from “Ceremony”, in this mental track Coni uses a more dubby approach to the sound, mixed with and industrial feel to it. Jean Nipon continues the party with a houser number, “Onibaba” focusing on soft elusive strings going through melancholy and a slightly more club oriented euphoria. Then there’s the beautiful sonic schizophrenia of NSDOS in “Créteil Soleil” an hymn to the body and mind, full of modern bleeps, vapors and factory noises. In “Vertigo” the boys from Aethority invite us into a druggy haze where psychedelic drums and chords invade your brain slowly but surely. Closing the compilation, “Inorganic”, is a playful jam where Manaré toy with effective repetitions and short accidents while sporadically cut by a sharp and filtered bass line. Mostly made of introspective cuts, “Paris Club Music, Volume 3″ take the label aesthetic further than ever to a more mature and advanced way of thinking about dance music.”

Paris Club Music – Volume 3 is out now on vinyl and will be available digitally on October 9th.


A1. French Fries & Bambounou “Mizu Ni Idou Suru”
A2. Aleqs Notal “Ceos Vision”
B1. Coni “Ceremony”
B2. Jean Nipon “Onibaba”
C1. NSDOS “Créteil Soleil”
C2. Aethority “Vertigo”
D1. Manaré “Inorganic”

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Published 3 years ago

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