Ground Effect from Craig Gallacher on Vimeo.

These wonderful tracks have been banging out of speakers in all the best clubs in the UK and beyond for a good six months now, but Ekranoplan stayed ever elusive.
All Caps being one of our favorite labels since releasing Kowton‘s ode to Ruff Sqaud, TFB has always been in sights so finding out that Kowton is involved in this project makes it even sweeter. Of course Julio Bashmore is known for swinging those curve balls so this is no different.

Of the aptly Entitled ‘Wing-In-Surface-Effect’ EP, Coil is our stand out. Sounds great in a club or in your headphones whilst sat in the office. The groove gets you.

Check out the pink Ekranoplan website for a definition of Ekranoplan and more.


Ekranoplan – One Metre Up
Ekranoplan – Coil
Ekranoplan – Star Frog
Ekranoplan – Ground Effect Vehicle


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Published 4 years ago

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