Do you endlessly fond for the good old days of Myspace? Sick of spending your precious spare time hunting for the perfect Ariana Grande bootleg? Are you fed up with terrible sales pitches offering you recommendations of the best new music? Well look no further. ‘https’ is your one-stop banger delivery service building on my love for all things internet. Think back to circa 2006 when the excitement of digging through was the only thing getting you through the day and the endless YouTube channels of unreleased dubstep brought the boys to your yard. I’ll be sharing my favourite url finds due to drop each month. From emo grime to rowdy UK Techno to post trance and sometimes deeply ironic edits, there are absolutely no genre or location constraints. But I can assure you, if it truly bangs, it will be here.

JEROME – Vague Culture 2

First up is JEROME Worldwide Records. Yes in caps. Club traxs dons and curator of the wavey mix series ‘JEROME Mixfiles’, they are much adored within the interwebs. Just a few days ago, they dropped ‘Vague Culture 2’. A compilation of the scene’s best and brightest producers. 20 tracks sounds like a lot but each track is an individual creative output rather than relating to the overall release. So by the time you’re halfway through, your ears are still fresh. There’s a sound for every mood. The night bus to the club, the club itself and of course the uber home. In other words, listen to it in its entirety and pick your faves.

Avon Terror Corps – Avon Is Dead

Energetic then terrifying then slow but always fun. Is probably the simplest way to sum up the mammoth Avon Terror Corps’s ‘Avon Is Dead’ compilation. The multi band, producer, events collective is currently fuckin up every corner of Bristol, in the best way possible. ‘Industrial’ is the overall vibe but expect lashings of jungle, distorted vocals, almost ambient and techno. NIHILIST SPASM DUO –  AVON IS DEAD, SALAĊ COLLAGE 1, JAVA JAVA WETWARE – EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES and BAD TRACKING – GENERIC MUSIC are my personal stand out tracks. Listen to find out yours!

Lixo – Phoxi (Mr Mitch Remix)

If you also like emo dance music, then this one’s for you. A match made in ambient heaven, Mr Mitch does what he does best and adds spacey atmospheric textures to GETME!’s founder Lixo’s sharp percussion and looping vocals. Trust me, get your tissues ready babes. 

Murlo – Dolos

Our fave Murlo is back! Already known for his signature blend of grime, club and happiness, ‘Dolos’ is the much anticipated album showing us he just gets better and better. There are 15 tracks to get us proper deep into our feels. It also comes with a 36 page graphic novel! It’s perfect because we all want a man who can do both. 

Kuthi Jinani – ‘DEATH BY SEA’

Sometimes one track is enough. Italian producer Kuthi Jinani’s ‘DEATH BY SEA’ is exactly that. A short tale of submerging oneself into unknown depths whilst remembering fragments of previous conversations. It’s dark but blissful. Creating the narrative by slowing down the elements of traditional grime tracks into a eerie, experimental composition.

XXIII – Volume 6

It’s no secret that Portugal has become the place to go to for dance music. Diaspora sounds, heavy club tracks and even more guitar focused electronic music has caught our attention over recent years. XXIII’s Volume 6 features 6 wavey producers fusing together Kuduro, Grime, Footwork, Jersey and Baile. Each track brings a completely different energy but always hits equally as hard. It’s impossible to choose a favourite so listen to the entire release! 


‘Finty is the debut EP from visual artist and producer JASPER JARVIS. Recently contributing to Sega Bodega’s daddy visual project and JEROME’s ‘Vague Culture 2’, their talents extend well beyond the expected norms and constraints. The release is deeply personal. It sonically traces their journey during the first year of them being publically open as a trans / non-binary person. But it’s not as straightforward as that. Their productions are multidimensional and unexpected, capturing moments of panic, anger and sadness is often very subtle ways. Even this write up doesn’t do it justice.

Wesqk Coast – S.T.A.S.H. 

An intriguing and elusive producer, there isn’t much online or irl about Wesqk Coast. All we know is that their productions draw from hip-hop, cinematic soundtrack vibes and techno. Layering intricate sounds and manipulated vocals is their speciality. Personal favourite Ruby Gate (Twin Peaks edit) is a nod to popular culture but for a less club focused track, check out Estate Nera. 

Architect – Breach

Chow Down are Manchester’s biggest party starters. Every release so far has been a corker so of course this was going to good. But I was NOT prepared for just how good it was going to be. Architect’s Breach is a testament to not only their own talent but to where we’re at with club oriented grime. It bangs and it bangs hard. Listen to Spartan Laser and then try and tell me I’m wrong. I dare ya. 

DJ Plead – Plead Pleats EP

The babes at Nervous Horizon are on a roll. Their last two releases TSVI’s ‘Inner Worlds’ and Da Soul Boyz’s ‘Welcome to Durban EP’ are markers of any good party. If you hear any of these tracks, you know you’re in the right place. DJ Plead’s ‘Pleats Plead’ EP follows their aim of bringing interesting, forgive me for using such a dead word but it’s actually is, percussion heavy producers from around the globe together. Only two tracks are available online so far but trust me it’s wavey.

Voyage Futur – Secret Earth

The ambient dons at New Atlantis always know what’s up. Voyage Futur’s Secret Earth is like ‘chill beats to listen and work to’ but 10x better plus it transports you to the quiet part of the beach. You know the bit where you can peacefully nap without jarring screaming kids. One Sunday a month NA appear at Rye Wax to soothe our post-sesh broken souls, giving us one last chance to hang out before Monday shows up to ruin everything.


Nahshi – Decelera

A percy producer on a percy label, this is internet club at it’s finest. Country Music has recently given us Via App’s Toxicon and Imaabs’s Inflexiones excellent and unique takes on club. Following in that trajectory, Nahshi is the perfect fit. 8 minutes does seem like it would be far too long, after all, we know Nahshi for their shorter club exercises, but Country Music releases are pieces of music in their own right. They’re an extended version of each producer’s style and in this case Nahshi adds elements of trance, happy hardcore and techno. 

False Witness – Red Curtain Daybreak

False Witness delivers brutal rave sounds skimming the line of Techno and Gabber. Punchy and forceful, ‘Red Curtain Daybreak’ heart pumping 4 tracks features a complimentary remix from Henning Baer. This is one bound to make dancefloors sweaty this spring. An EP for the fast music heads.  


SLANT – Vain Attempt 

Screamo will always hold a special place in my heart. 14 year old me was very angsty, as you can imagine, and 10 years later nothing has changed. The entire album is brilliantly delivered. It’s very self-assured. Yes they’re angsty, but they know why. This is definitely not for everyone but give it a go, you might just surprise yourself. 

Words by @yewandeadeniran