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The Insert Mix Series combines music and art in a series of eclectic mixes from selected DJs and producers that we rate very highly. We intend to bring the music to a visual level with our favourite established designers, interpreting the music in graphic form.


Emerging as one of the core Club figures to come out from the French capital’s underground scene Le Dom continues to push boundaries and provide us with some of its most interesting material to date.

Making up one quarter of Paradoxe Club, a Parisian label originally formed from a club night put together by Birol, its main aim was to promote and develop the fledgling french club scene. Cue perhaps the most prolific music influencer within Paris in the form of label boss and world class DJ Teki Latex. It is through this relationship that Le Dom is now continuing to be one of leading producers of the Bérite Club movement.

These strong ties within the Parisian scene have been showcased throughout Le Dom’s live three deck INSMIX with many of the tracks set to be forthcoming on Paradoxe Club.


Demon – Back & Forth (Le Dom refix)
De Grandi – Clipper (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
Circuit 900 – Bakheng
Niska – B.O.B
Ikonika – Manual Decapitation (pitched up edit)
raHHH- Chat Too Much (edit)
Martel Ferdan – Springrite (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
DJ Ketchup – Um Ano de Namoro
Le Dom – CUB (De Grandi HATHATHATS edit) (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
MHD – La Puissance (King Doudou edit)
Jean-Pierre Mader – Macumba (Instrumental)
De Grandi – Service Manual (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
Kekra – 9 Mili
Kking Kong – Pega No Phone
Le Dom – draft n°3746 (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
Le Dom – draft n°4837 (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
CLUBKELLY – paypal.me/clubkelly
Tory Lanez – Luv (De Grandi edit)
Fatal Walima – war
Stas – Echo (Le Dom edit)
Le Dom – 110v (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
Feadz & Daniel Haaksman – Capri Fruit
Sunareht – Hyul (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
Charisma – Smash Riddim
Le Dom – Richter (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
Opulence – Contact (forthcoming Paradoxe Club)
Swinga – Você, o Sol



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Published 2 years ago