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The Insert Mix Series combines music and art in a series of eclectic mixes from selected DJs and producers that we rate very highly. We intend to bring the music to a visual level with our favorite established designers, interpreting the music in graphic form.


Having had his work showcased on Kahn & Neeks heavyweight grime label Bandulu, Boofy has stood out to us in a way that few producers do. Based in Bristol, he has positioned himself in a way that few grime creators have managed so early on in their progression. Putting out a mix via fabric is no small feat.

A member of Sureskank and co-boss at Sector 7 Sounds, Boofy has the type of scope that makes for a truly engaging mix. We’ve had it on repeat at HQ for the past few weeks with new nuances of creativity in the style and selection of the recording.

Boofy will be playing at Outlook Festival this year alongside Bandulu label mate Hi5 Ghost and if this mix is anything to go by you’ll be itching to see a live set.

INSMIX012 Boofy Insert Mix Series



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Published 4 years ago