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The Insert Mix Series combines art and music in a collection of mixes from a line of seminal DJs and producers. We intend to bring the music to a visual level with our favourite established designers, interpreting the music in graphic form.

INSMIX010: Sudanim

Her Records co-boss and one of the most imaginative producers in the scene, Sudanim, composes the tenth instalment of the Insert Mix Series. He lays down a relentless flow of tracks mixed with pin point precision and scrutiny making up a compilation of the hottest productions around, with a ton of never before heard stunners from the Her Records crew.

There are very few solo mixes from this guy in existence and certainly not from the past year so it’s a true pleasure to showcase this one and give a taste of what he can do. Technically he is a solid DJ, we’ve seen it first hand, so it was a natural choice to have him join the series.

The mix is a journey to the club via your headphones forward slash monitors. We recommend it be experienced either during a brisk walk down a dark back street at night or a lively party environment where the factors of high volume and bass are lovingly welcomed.


Nino Fatale – Steel Pan Midrift Jam
Future – Sh!t (Sinjin Fukk Up)
MM – Bad Bitchez / Shanell Drumz
Kid Antoine – PTSD
Mike G – Blackjack (Supraman Remix)
Kid Antoine – Proximity
Suda – In Essence
MM – <><><><><>
Sabrina – Clique Track
Ziro – Coded (Gage Remix)
Scratcha DVA – PerxOfLyf
Scotty B – Wet (Boomclap Edit)
Fraxinus – Off Ends
Timbah – No Bootlegs (Boomclap Edit)
Rihanna x Visionist – Try Skin (DJ Zone Blend)
CYPHR – Sirena
Mike G – Blackjack
Suda – Fall Back
Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (BaBaBa) (Ynfynyt Scroll Remix)
Ynfynyt Scroll – Freetown
Imaabs – Voy
Jus Now & A.MA.SSA – Pagodao
Logos – Metropolis
Amotion – <><><><><>




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Published 5 years ago