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The Insert Mix Series combines music and art in a series of eclectic mixes from selected DJs and producers that we rate very highly. We intend to bring the music to a visual level with our favourite established designers, interpreting the music in graphic form.

INSMIX009: Betty Bensimon

We first approached Betty at the end of last year after she had played a set in London’s XOYO. At the time she was part of the Parisian three strong DJ collective, Girls Girls Girls which we knew of by name but had never delved into what they were about. That all changed when Betty stepped up to the decks and made me take notice. She took the tempo right up to 140 with a straight Grime and Jersey set mixed to perfection with a load of attitude. She had managed to drop in all of our favourite tracks of the moment and then some, with Sinjin Hawk’s mix of Bring In The Katz tipping us over the edge. I’m sure you can tell from my words the adoration we have for this woman.

Insert ventured to Paris this year just in time for Girls Girls Girls Birthday celebrations at the famous Social Club. Besides the cake and the club itself, Betty’s set was an absolute highlight. Her boldness when it comes to working a crowd, even if they are perhaps not acquainted with the scene or style of music she drops, is impassioning.

Betty’s selection is possibly the closest thing you could get to epitomising what Insert symbolises sonically. Her mix got us excited the moment it dropped into our inbox and we had a gander at the track list. In a scene that is blowing up at an increasing rate, with mixes and tracks circulating all over the world from hundreds of talented people, to stand out can be difficult. For us Betty has kept our attention from the inaugural set we experienced back in ’13.


Bok Bok – Howard
Ikonika – Wakeup Sequence
Murlo – Coral
Last Japan – Harca
Nicolas Malinowsky – Crash
Paul Woolford – Erotic Discourse (Kowton remix)
Mumdance – The Sprawl
Funkystepz – Hurricane Riddim
Moleskin – Chain (re-think)
Wen – In
Alex Deamonds – Let You Go Mix 2
Fatima Al Qadiri – Shanghai Freeway
DJ Master-D – Mad Drumz
Dellity – Broken Window Theory
Crystal – No Fun




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Published 5 years ago