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To celebrate the release of District Sound’s debut white label ‘ZARTAN IN REVERSE’. They’ve given us the pleasure of bringing you this free download of Superficie’s remix of  ‘Zartan’ originally produced by Tony Phorse.

Here is the backstory to the release, which you can grab now:
“The story begins after the release of Tony’s debut ‘Zartan EP’ in 2014, when Sheik got his hands on the stems and did what he does best and flipped it into a different universe. Shortly after its inception, it received regular air play from the likes of Mumdance & Slackk, and was gaining lots of online appreciation too, so I decided to get it pressed as a super ltd white label, distributed through our own channels. After I raised the capital, and selected the pressing plant, I sent off the pre master and waited patiently. Truthfully, was a big moment for me sending off for our first vinyl release, which is why it was hard to accept that I wouldn’t be receiving the final product almost 2 years later! The vinyl agent will remain nameless, but we were not given the best customer service experience, to say the least. 2 years of delays, no test presses & the tune was printed on 10″ not 12″ which we ordered! Needless to say I chased & chased this guy for the ‘compensation’ I was promised, but gets to a point where you have to get on with your life”

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Published 1 year ago