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The Core Radio resident formerly known as Austin Edwards; now known as Ultraviolet, is releasing his ‘Ultra 00’ compilation to celebrate one year of making tracks under this new alias. Our pick from this grip of stellar tracks is the trancy ‘feral mix’ of Jacques Greene’s ‘Afterglow’. Here’s what Ultraviolet had to say about his edit:

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Jacques Greene and I loved the original version of Afterglow – it reminded me of early JG with that dramatic vocal chop and the happy/sad dynamic — so grabbing up those stems was a no-brainer. I’ve only recently began to identify with my work so it was cool to remix this song with a sound palette that really feels like Ultraviolet.”

Check the whole of the Ultra 00 comp, featuring a mix of original productions by Ultraviolet and edits of Diddy, t.A.T.u & Ariana Grande.

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Published 1 year ago