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Emerging Bristol-London collective Super Kitchen follow-up a limited run 12” from Maribor with their first, full-length VA compilation, ‘Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1’ — a smouldering collection of bright and barmy club abstractions from crew members Mistareez, Lima, Macchina and more.

Already a force in their home cities, ‘Rhythm Foundation Vol.1’ moves to establish Super Kitchen’s vision beyond Bristol and London, serving up some of the wildest, cut-and-paste club ammo out there right now. From Juice’s bubbling drum trak opener, ‘Love Island’ — a new collaborative moniker shared by Macchina and Ctrl Traxx — to Scimii’s charging, funky onslaught ‘Yeahyeah’, the compilation is a gold mine of boisterous new sounds.

Excellent tracks from NAAFI’s OMAAR and Track & Field’s Dean Lyon also lend welcome co-signs to the project and moreover, Super Kitchen’s borderless view of the landscape, while new club experiments from Tight Knit’s SYMSTRESS and Ed Zini as £££UP, as well as RKS signee DJ POLO and LOBBY, compound ‘Rhythm Foundation Vol.1’s exploratory spirit.

This free download from Henzo serves as the perfect teaser ahead of the full compilation release on November 17th. As it effortlessly paint a broad picture of the energy running throughout ‘Rhythm Foundation Vol. 1’.


1. Juice – Love Island
2. Mistareez – Ups & Downs
3. OMAAR – Strong
4. Lima – E Number
5. LOBBY & DJ POLO – Chicken In A Bag
6. Macchina – Canal Woe
7. £££UP – SYDE RD RDM
8. Scimii – Yeahyeah
9. Track & Field – Dyson (Dean Lyon Remix)


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Published 2 years ago