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We were sent ‘Barenikeair’ in its original form about five years ago. It was gritty and blown out but it had this energy that got us every time we played it. That Big H sample layered over this stop-start percussive rhythm was insanely addictive. It sometimes crops up in mixes with people begging for the ID or gets written about as if it’s a lost relic on blogs and forums.

We asked Super Kitchen‘s Ctrl Traxx (then known as Verbal) if we could one day release it on Insert. It’s been sent back to us over the years with various different mix downs and tweaks, but it was the rawness of the first version that made it so special. It’s a pleasure, on Nike Air Max Day, to finally put it out there in it’s (almost) original state thanks to the mixdown of another Super Kitchen label head, Macchina.

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Published 2 years ago