TERR022 – Varsity – Grunt / Lingerer Dub
Released 24th March 2014

New York and Los Angeles Team Supreme representatives Colta, and Patrick Brian join forces as VARSITY on the latest offering from Terrorhythm Recordings.

With a nod to the syncopated rhythms of early grime productions synonymous with Terrorhythm’s humble beginnings, Varsity deliver two heavy hitting tracks in the shape of Grunt and Lingerer Dub.

First up is Grunt, an eerie, choppy intro invites you in before welcoming you to sit down and be serenaded by the bass and the haunting vocal groans throughout the duration of the track.

Following closely behind is the onslaught of Lingerer Dub, resembling much of the swagger of early 2000’s grime and 8 bar productions, this one is a true nod to the past with bass fit to give even the most capable sound systems a run for their money.

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Published 5 years ago

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