Whities‘ output has always been something to keep an eye on. Lanark Artefax, Coby Sey, Kowton, Avalon Emerson alongside other biggies have had career defining releases on the London label and issues 03 and 04 of their Blue series are likely to serve up the same.

Pay close attention to BFTT‘s ‘Kueen’ on Blue 03 and listen to it about three times in a row. It’s intricacies multiply with every listen. E-Talking‘s debut ‘Telephone Rose’ is unpredictable but pure body moving stuff. It ebbs in and out and has a vocal which will send the dance into a frenzy if dropped at the right time.

We discovered upsammy via Nous’klaer Audio. Happy to say she appears twice on Blue 03, both tracks just as captivating as the first time we heard her.

Illian Tape and Timedance affiliate Laksa is back too. Whities just keep on giving, ay? Nice one Tasker.

Both Blue 03 and 04 are downloadable now or preorder the 12″ ahead of its October 26 release.

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Published 8 months ago

Filed under: Audio