Suso Flores is a hugely inspired electronic musician and teacher. Since 2005, he’s been based in London, producing & engaging with a diverse palette of sounds. Whether braindance, ambience or minimal rhythms, all of his his projects are united by a DIY attitude that roots electronic music in experimentation, playfulness and nostalgia.

One of Suso Flores’ most defining outputs is his Techno Para Meninos (techno for children) LP, whose charming artwork and melodic galactic journey sold over 1000 copies. Its fun-loving approach has connected his music with a range of ages and social groups, democratising the appeal and process of experimental electronic music.

With an ever-growing interest in Suso’s lively productions and educational work, the future promises many more successes and rewarding experiences for this Galician prodigy.


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Published 1 year ago

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