Artist: S.E.F
Title: Autonomy EP
Label: Switched On Records
Format: Digital
Release Date: 05.11.12
1. Dissident
2. M-O-E
3. Boiling Point

After years of perfecting his craft as a DJ, videographer and label–owner S.E.F finally makes his first leap into the world of music production with his debut release, the Autonomy EP on his Switched On Records imprint. After paving the way for a host of up and coming producers in his time, the South-London native has finally broken his silence and showcases his take on the house sound to the world. An organic mix of heavy basslines, subtle percussion and apt vocal samples are the perfect recipe for a debut of deadly dancefloor weapons.

The EP opens up with peak-time roller Dissident where sharp, electrifying synths oscillate around pulsating 4/4 drum kicks and accentuated claps. Whilst it’s suited for the bigger rooms the bassline radiates enough warmth for it not to sound out of place on the smallest of dancefloors.

M.O.E takes a vocal sample from a well-known US hip-hop clique and S.E.F has flipped the script by utilizing it to compliment the sinister vibe of this late night stormer. The driving force of the track is the acid-inspired bassline and coupled with sparse vocal samples this make for something instantly recognizable and distinctive.

Closing cut on this highly impressive debut is Boiling Point where the vocal sample teases in the percussion-laden drop with Chicago-esque claps and aquatic textures lurking in the colourful mélange. A hypnotic groove and muted chord stabs make this the perfect after-hours candidate for those soirees that you never want to end.

With the Autonomy EP S.E.F has opened up a new chapter for himself and his Switched On Records label. By stepping into the realm of music production his imprint has gained another promising artist and and he has given himself the chance to project his influences and inspirations to his peers and admirers.

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Published 6 years ago

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