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Zgjim is a producer currently based in Amsterdam with a real knack for ‘outsider’ grime. Five years ago he was introduced to the sound by his friend and Angry Youth co-founder, Greywan, when living in their native hometown of Kosovo. His steady output of 140 tracks has seen him go from strength to strength, including having a track picked up for the recent Boxed V compilation.

His Prishtina EP is practically an ode to his hometown which tries to encapsulate his love/hate relationship with Kosovo’s capital Prishtina and the diaspora he experiences. Our selection from these homesick songs is ‘Golf 5(Dardania)’, a weighty devil mix of a track with unrelenting sustained kick drums and haunting synth lines that sound like they’ve been hollowed out from the inside.

Prishtina EP is available on 19th April from the Classical Trax-affiliated grime imprint, Kenyon Sound

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Published 10 months ago

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