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While quite a few people are obviously still dwelling in the achievements of Munich’s disco era during the 1980s, it seems that another major part of the cities partying scene travels to the same clubs every weekend. Here they are getting fed with the plasticized Beatport Tech House trax that everybody wants, drinking Vodka Red Bull until they almost pass out and walk  – if they are still able to – home happily, oversaturated by non-inventive,  but good selling music. So far the cliché. Fortunately, reality looks a bit different, at least for the lovers of UK Bass.

In order to make people aware of the city’s flourishing developments in this scene, the grandmasters of Ruffhouse and Jahmoni Records have teamed up for a limited 10″.

Our pick off the EP is the A-side track, ‘Power Reserve’ from Ruffhouse’s no. 1 mobster and Lacoste track suit model Top Shotta. Kicking off with a straight and technoid bass drum, surrounded by delayed echos and industrial patterns, the track unfolds his way into the ear and body of the listener. Later on, the beat transforms into a half-stepped, Post-Electro hybrid, well accompanied and bedded in by the carefully selected percussions. Without a doubt a more dark approach to the recently released first Ruffhouse EP of his buddy Pastiche, that fits well with the manifest destiny of this young and delightfully fresh label.

The Ruffhouse and Jahmoni Records collab will be released on March 30th.

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Published 11 months ago

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