“A discarded, leatherbound manuscript, literring ruins, drained of colour. Such is the imagery Chilean Tomás Urquieta has put together as the artwork for his Infinite Machine debut, the “Manuscript” EP. Such is the imagery evoked by his music – seemingly infinitely personal works that been abandoned, fully cooked but never having suffered the mutative process of external curation; beautifully penned and sewn together but foreign to anything but the author’s gaze; found anew amidst the bleakest of environs, a diamond in the rough. In this, Tomás becomes his own archivist and scholar – his own censor and his own advocate.”

Korma tackles “Exiled”, and opts to replace its elegiac tone and maudlin melodies for a balls- to-the-wall percussive assault.”

Tomas Urquieta ‘Manuscript’ EP will be released digitally on December 18th as an early Christmas present for you all from Infinite Machine.


01.Bleak Swamp
02. Apathetic
03. Manuscript
04. Neglect
05. Exiled
06. Mother
07.Exiled (Korma Remix)
08.Neglect (She’s Drunk Remix)
09.Apathetic (W3C Remix)

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Published 4 years ago

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