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In the summer of 2016 Syn, Tension and Doubt formed Flood as a way of breaking the monotony they saw in the Irish electronic scene and elevating each other’s work through shared knowledge. Insert has been a champion of the collective’s output for a while, which resides at the darker and more brooding end of the electronic spectrum. The group states that this darkness originates from the frustration of operating in isolation with no local scene nearby. 

Volume 2 of the Cork-based label’s compilation series sees the group branch out past their core members and invite the likes of Dreem Tran and TenTwentySeven to collaborate with them. Our pick is Tension’s closer for the EP, ‘Broken Bells’, an exploration of the chaotic layering that’s recently come to be associated with club music. The track builds a dense texture of melodies and vocal refrains over syncopated percussion before segwaying into a head-spinner of a bridge. 

Flood Volume 2 is available from 7th April.

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Published 2 years ago

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