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Paris-based, Berite Club Music producer Sunareht‘s first EP is the latest classic installment in a two-decades-old French dance music tradition; freezing and looping the best, most overwhelming bit out of a sample, then making it last forever through infinite pleasure combinations. Sunareht adds something in the mix though, or actually he subtracts something; the kickdrum. But it’s actually even more danceable than most of today’s supposedly danceable tracks.

We felt that Sunareht’s ‘J 2000’ was the stand out track from the EP. With its stuttering chord stabs over simple drums and yet a sense of flow running throughout to produce a strong dance rhythm.

This release comes with a warning: high emotional content. For fans of NYC disco dramaturgy, early French filter house epic runs, Soundhack/Soundstreams juvenile cut-ups and Lorenzo Senni’s drumless ethics.

Sunareht’s ‘Hyul EP’ is set to be released on Friday June 2nd.

You can hear more from the Paradoxe label in Le Dom’s INSMIX, which dropped last month.


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Published 2 years ago

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