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Stolen Velour​ is an elusive character who is unashamedly himself. He views the world through a unique lens and dissects dance music in an original and exclusive way. As a debut release, ‘Event Horizon’ ​is thoroughly grounded in its roots, drawing on bold influences from the UK music scene that range from Grime to Techno, as well as employing elements from his Kenyan ancestry.

Stolen Velour has created a body of work that will rip the club apart and get any dance floor moving while still maintaining Treehouse’s brand and collective valus of inclusivity and freedom. Having supported the likes of ​GFOTY, SPINEE, ​and​ Bruce​ as a resident and creator of Treehouse, Stolen Velour doesn’t shy away from a pop edit and a technicolour techno beat-down.

Our pick of the release is ‘Aquarius’​. A bold debut release and is an onslaught of pulses, paranoid arps and oddball samples. This track wears its Leeds heart on its sleeve, opening on a chant of ‘Yorkshire’ that weaves through it, bringing the energy back home. It represents everything Yorkshire and everything Treehouse. Agitated noises wrap around the speakers until your wig is well and truly blown by a hard pulse that could only come from the UK. A combination of breaks and other digital oddities merge until all you can do is make a screw face.

Stolen Velour ‘Event Horizon’ will be released digitally on April 8.


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Published 8 months ago

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