Spurz debut album dropped today. His first long play is a true exploration of opposed forces.

“The release overall was a study in contrasts, heaviness against levity, rhythm against ambience, polish against abrasion etc. I’d like to think it focuses elements of my influences into something that sits slightly askew of any specific genre or sound. The album is dedicated to my friend Conrad, who took his own life late last year” – Spruz

It only takes one listen for the diversity of Spurz taste and solid production skill to come through. From sparse noise scapes to club-ready pursuits, he weaves together a project which would sit just as nicely in a DJs playlist as it would your bedroom hi-fi.

‘Commencement’ is exclusive to the cassette format of the release. A Pro-printed Fluorescent Green Cassette with Black Imprint, housed in a limited edition screen-printed 2-mill black resealable bag w/ enclosed paper ephemera.


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Published 3 years ago

Filed under: Audio