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Written over the span of a few years and two continents, ‘Drifter’ is the latest work by Spurz, originally from British Columbia, Canada and now based in London, UK.

‘Drifter’ sees a continued focus on the melancholic bass weight found on last year’s ‘Loud Futures’ LP, with production inspiration from early dub pioneers in a considered stripping-back of elements to allow for more control of aural spaces.

A key element to Spurz’s sound practice, there’s balance here; unrelenting heaviness leading to ambient-leaning bridges that build up only to fold in on themselves like on ‘Fall in2 Pieces’ for example, which also serves as our pick of the EP.

While cues from dubstep, jungle, and footwork can be picked out, ‘Drifter’ sets itself apart with it’s own singular sound, never satisfied to remain in one place for too long.

Spurz ‘Drifter’ will be released digitally on September 21st via Vancouver-based label Aufect.

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Published 10 months ago

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