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Italdred announce the first official EP from Bristol based grime aficionado Sir Hiss – a well overdue edition to the roster based on a slew of well received singles, along with his ruthless contribution to the Italdred guest mix series.

Jeff’s presence in the music scene has escalated rapidly in two years – his interest in grime, amongst a wealth of other musical styles, helped shape a standalone  approach to a sound that is otherwise laden with common tropes and familiarities. Recent additions to his catalog include an edit of IAMDDB’s tune ‘Shade’ and ‘Blood Diamond’ which ultimately created a storm of interest around his unique sound.

The journey taken to conceive ‘Saracen’ took Sir Hiss to parts of the world far away from that of his home in the UK. Moving through the more traditional elements of Japanese, African and Chinese instrumentation (to name just a few of the cultural aspects of the world that he has explored) Sir Hiss offers a blazing selection of five tracks heavily inspired by the sounds of the Middle East.

Our pick off the EP is GUNDAM, who takes takes the hypnotic vocal from ‘Pharaoh’ on an introspective, stripped back journey laden with sub bass unpredictability.

Sir Hiss ‘Saracen’ will be released on November 24th.

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