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Nahshi & Rapala700 are releasing EP ‘Aera’ on June 16 via Cairo & London based label ANBA, a sonic platform exploring the fringes of sound and art within contemporary music.
منصة صوٮ﮴ٮ﮵ة ٮ﮳تكشف عن المزٮ﮵كا إللي حولٮ﮵ن إطار وهوامش ال ﮲ڡن المعاصر.

For Nahshi & Rapala700 the EP is a genuine transposition of the music they play out / image they have of club music right now. A collaborative project born out of spontaneity and mutual respect, it links Rapala700ʼs percussion with Nahshiʼs melodies. Aera is an attempt to merge their styles and explore fresh ground, culminating with three unique remixes from Exploited Body, Rui Ho, & Paul Marmota.

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Published 6 months ago

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