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Five volumes in and Santa Muerte’s annual bootleg compilation is a staple for global club DJs. Initially an outlet for Sines and Panch’s’ own rap, r&b and reggaeton takes, the project has expanded to include a huge range of artists and has become a premiere part of the Majia label release schedule. The 2018 edition is the most expansive to date, featuring 22 tracks from 16 artists that range from Houston’s own Tearz to Fade 2 Mind/Night Slugs representatives Leonce and Helix and on to NAAFI staples Wasted Fates and Zutzut.

This international cabal of producers takes on a dizzying array of contemporary and classic material, throwing Lil Uzi Vert, Future and French Montana in a blender with Arca, Kablam and more. But our pick off the compilation comes from main man himself Santa Muerte, with his 4/4 take on a more melodic ‘Bleached World’ by Rabit.

There’s an obligatory Korn blend (courtesy of Deltratron) and an unbearably silly “Cha-Cha Slide” edit (of course it’s Helix), but those are just nodes in the ever expanding universe of Santa Muerte & Friends. Expect even bigger things in 2019 coming out of Houston.

The bootleg compilation will be released digitally on March 13th.


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Published 12 months ago

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