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Circular Jaw ready their 4th release, which is a 6 tracker from the Leeds based bootylord, Phrixus.

Following on from two EPs on Kry Wolf’s Sounds of Sumo, this EP marks a slight departure from Phrixus’s original style as he begins to take influence from a wider spectrum of music and adopt more avant garde methodologies in his music. Expertly weaving between genres, bpms and styles, Phrixus shows us that booty truly comes in all shapes and sizes.

Our pick of the bunch is the gritty and grimy ‘Prism Of Fate’, which serves its role on the EP of breaking up the furious energy with its spaced out breaks and pitched down vocals. One track that belongs in the dark dank basement clubs.

Phrixus’s EP will be out digitally on July 15th.

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Published 3 years ago

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