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When visiting Fabric Club in London for the first time, Ruffhouse boss Sverre aka Top Shotta was asked politely not to wear a tracksuit when he came back next time. Rumours are that bouncers and club affiliates even took him for an “original UK street mobster”.

So far the story, indicating everybody ought to know that these Ruffhouse guys are taking their business seriously: Pushing UK Bass forward. Packed parties in and around Munich, 3 stable compilations with support from internationally renowned producers and DJs. Now the first vinyl EP hits the streets, clubs and record stores.

Pastiche from Copenhagen is first to pave the way for the things to come. Drawing his inspiration from various genres such as UK Bass, Hip Hop and Baltimore club tunes up to Ambient and Electronica, his first EP comprises all these ingredients. Here put down on four massive joints, for buyers of the digital release even two bonus tracks are included.

Our pick off the EP is the Top Shotta and Danny Scrilla remix of ‘122 Eden Beach’ because you can’t go wrong with a gun shot and the energy this track delivers through its pulsating drums and switch ups to keep you on your toes.

Ruffhouse 001 is set to be released on October 6th.

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Published 1 year ago

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