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London based Russian sound artist and electronic musician Artur Strekalov aka Neanderthalic delivers a stand alone track ‘The Severing’ via ANBA; a new label exploring fringe electronic sounds.

Known for his conceptual, glitchy compositions it is easy to visualise Neanderthalic’s work and how it elaborates on his non-genre specific experimental influences.

Context from Neanderthalic :
“The Severing symbolizes the act of separation, and a conscious effort to distinguish the human from non-human.

Worlds are incomplete. Their beginnings and ends are hard to define. The human body is not exclusively human. Human, non-human life and non-life coexist in a symbiosis.

Humans have taken the role to decide what is real and what isnʼt. Nature is seen as an idealized landscape, a backdrop for the doings of the human. This album is a call for appreciation, allowing the non-human to exist and have pleasure.”

Neanderthalic’s ‘The Severing’ will be released digitally on November 25 here.

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