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After years of slaving away in a darkened room, re ning his skills and honing his craft, Natlek nally releases his much anticipated full length album, “Graduation Burnout” LP. The album marks Natlek’s musical coming of age. Blending raw grooves, energetic vocal samples and gritty stabs into 13 tracks of pure, club orientated re, hitting hard from the get go.

She’s Drunk, Distal, BS1 and Eternal Entropy also get in on the Graduation celebra- tions. Teaming up with Natlek to cast their own light upon four separate tracks, making this a truly diverse release.
To follow up over the coming months Lucky Beard will be releasing a remix pack lled with remixes by the likes of Inkke, Td_Nasty aka Trap Door, dj Octopus, Galtier, Lorenzo BITW and Eternal Entropy.

Natlek ‘S Curve’ featuring She’s Drunk will be avaiable digitally on May 16th.


01. S Curve Ft She’s Drunk
02. Malossi Heritage
03. Acceleration
04. The Corkscrew
05. Aerolithe Ft Distal
06. Delta S4
07. Body Kit
08. Burnout
09. Countach
10. Hand Brake Ft BS1
11. Alloy
12. F40
13. Street Cinema Ft Eternal Entropy


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