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M&C, consisting of Bwi Bwi and You Cool L.A., release a two-track EP titled ‘Deep Dreams‘ on Merci Jitter. The EP includes an original by the duo along with a remix from Basel-based producer Ben Kaczor.

Describing their project as “straightforward and cru”, the French duo continue to demonstrate a skill for creating distinct pieces in the Techno/House realm – which is clearly evident in their track ‘Deep Dreams’ where they have explored a theme of aquatic behaviour and liquidity. With a mellow start followed by a progressive build up, they have created a form of energy which flows throughout the song, closely guided by external features and thus adding to the cohesive nature of the track.

The ‘Deep Dreams’ EP is available to download via the Merci Jitter page and for more on M&C, check out their radio shows both on Subcity Radio and Rinse France.


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Published 3 years ago

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