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As 2017 draws to a close, following on from their debut appearance on the latest Circular Jaw release with Agrippa ‘CJAW007’, the Milan duo Ltd Colours prepare to drop their second full release, a four track powerhouse brimming with percussive tension and dancefloor ready tracks.

Having worked with the fellow Italian and Nervous Horizon boss, Wallwork and releasing music on the certified Mexican imprint Infinite Machine, they have already set the precedent for themselves to continue as some of the scene’s most innovative rising producers.
They also hold down a residency on Gioconda Radio with their show ‘SAFE’ and play for the collective ORBITER, proving themselves as talented selectors on a regular basis.

Our pick off the EP is the Dancehall roller ‘Ritual’. A track that continues the pace of the EP leaving only small patches of restate for the listener dotted throughout.

LTD Colours ‘CJAW008’ will be released digitally on December 12th.

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Published 1 year ago

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