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Straight off the back of the Super Kitchen ‘Rhythm Foundation Vol.1’ – Lima drops his debut single ‘Placebo’, for free, just in time for the New Years celebrations on December 29th. As already seen from ‘E- Number’ one of the stand out tracks from the compilation, Glasgow based Lima has an acute ear for sound design and no element sounds out of place on the EP.

The release is a fast paced, theatrical and melodic take on percussive club music. Erratic snares, chewy kick drums and dueling synths which nod their head to their trance ancestors. An impressive debut from Lima, with the industrious and mechanical Placebo and the fast paced and thumping Xero.

Lima and Super Kitchen present a vision for 2018 with their two Winter releases, looking to pave the way for percussion driven dance music with a unique sound and an equally impressive visual identity.


1. Placebo
2. Xero


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Published 1 year ago

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