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Lila Tirando a Violeta is the solo project of Uruguayan artist Camila Dominguez. She has released on several labels, including Dream Catalogue, Collapsed Structures, and Aescape Sounds and has dropped her DJ mixes through NTS and Internet Public Radio.

This is Lila’s second release on New Motion, and although the two releases don’t share much stylistically they do show how over time her style has changed dramatically. ‘Sentient’ is a tightly packed 7 track album featuring collaborations from artists renown in the club and experimental electronic scenes. There are no shortages of intense beats and addicting rhythms throughout, Lila’s distorted vocals coupled with spacious atmospheres make for the perfect soundtrack to the disparate nightclub.

‘Sentient’ will be available on cassette and digital February 17 through New Motion.

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Published 7 months ago

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