Seattle’s Tommy Mertens, aka Korma, is part of a new disjointed faction of North-American producers – Portland’s SPF666 and Vancouver’s Spurz come to mind -, that, given the barren landscape of EDM, rock, and chill-something that still dominates the American continent, are uniquely motivated to look to European developments for inspiration. Developments which are processed from a distance, en masse, in relative isolation from their birthplace, and through a fitting laid-back lens… resulting in club/grime hybridization which is entirely divorced from a UK dialogue, and more internationally- viable for it. As such, Korma is a bit of well-kept secret in his own town – which, however, hasn’t stopped him from gigging with the likes of Mike G, Total Freedom, Addison Groove, DJ Paypal and DJ Earl, releasing prescient peace edits on Hush Hush Records, releasing two EPs worth of devastating grime-laden club tools on Car Crash Set, and securing forthcomings releases on Team Aerogel and, most saliently, Infinite Machine.

IM031, or the “ZGMF-X19A” EP, is titled as such after a Mobile Suit Gundam of the same name – also known as the “Infinite Justice Gundam”… which befits both us and the music. Indeed, Mertens achieved most of its mecha aesthetic through inspired sampling and deft arrangement of decrypted triple-A game soundbanks – allowing him to be sonically engrossing without the usual trade-off in space. The result is a collection of elegantly restrained and steady grime tools, interspersed with completely unexpected, yet welcome bouts of melodic euphoria.

On flip duty, Tomas Urquieta, quite enamored with the source material, simply gives “Orloj” a tighter edit, while Spurz (whose remix of “Dismantle” is due as separate DLC) opts for an all- inclusive club primer.

Korma ‘ZGMF-X19A’ is set for release on May 11th.


01. Pariah
02. Orloj
03. Orloj (Liar Optimix)
04. Dismantle
05. ZGMF-X19A
06. Soft Answer feat. Poor Sport
07. Orloj (Tomas Urquieta Remix)

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Published 5 years ago

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