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Crafting his sound along his journey, the French-born, now Montreal-based producer and DJ Jaymie Silk​​ is releasing his ​new EP​​ titled ‘Space Cowboy​’ via ​TREKKIE TRAX​​, Japan-based electronic label and artist collective.Our pick off the EP is ‘Fuego’ A track with a relentless blend of ​bass and tribal music​.

With his first official release 3 years ago, ​Jaymie Silk ​​has carved his place as a ​non-conformist producer ​​on the underground club music scene, backed by the audacity of ​ballroom culturewhere he was the first resident DJ for ​the Montreal vogue house scene​​.

Jaymie Silk’s ‘Space Cowboy​’ will be released December 21.

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Published 8 months ago

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