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Threads radio resident and recent Rave Litany guestmixer J-Shadow is returning with his third release of 2019 (and we’re ONLY in August). The somewhat under-the-radar but prolific producer has recently been turning the heads of tastemakers (such as Barely Legal, Mumdance & Blackdown) with his hair-brained productions which strip back breakbeat structures to their most fundamental elements and reconstitute them in his own otherworldly direction.

Found on the B-side of ‘Embers EP’ is a remix of from long-time J-Shadow supporter, Etch. His ‘Bubbling Paranoia’ remix turns the ethereal air of the original into a claustrophobic, dancefloor creeper that’s made to be dropped in the early hours of the morning.

‘Embers EP’ comes out this Friday. Preorder from the link below.


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Published 3 months ago

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