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Off the back of an EP from Basic Rhythm and a sold out vinyl preorder for Dead Man’s Chest’s first release on the imprint, Sneaker Social Club are already preparing their third instalment of hardcore-inspired productions for the year already! ‘Sleepwalker EP’ by Manchester’s Interplanetary Criminal is a bleary-eyed journey through sedated breaks and slugged out samples.

B-side ‘Tension’ is probably the murkiest of the tracks on display (and it’s probably why we picked it). A wide array of percussion from bells to tablas is thrown alongside slowed breakbeats and hypnotic vocals on this production and whilst it may not sound like it works on paper; it most definitely does in practice this time.

‘Sleepwalker EP’ is available digitally & on vinyl from April 26 or preorder from the link below.


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Published 9 months ago

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