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Composed of 12 tracks and 13 international artists ranging from Lithuania to China, the second instalment of Merci Jitter’s Movements compilation presents a package bridging various musical sub- genres & sub-cultures such as Grime, Bass, Dancehall, House & Hip Hop through industrial textures & club culture in the form of a coherent online installation. Through the atmospheres and rhythms included in the tracks from the participating artist, a fusion of some sort has been attempted in each track, ranging from harmonic blends, to more geographic and genre binding experiments.

Our pick off the compilation comes from a collaboration between Holloway & Simkin. With an untitled track, which gives us reminiscent vibes, mainly due to the use of the Ha sample. But this track definitely takes us all the way back to when we first fell in love with raw club music.

This thematic has been visualised through the artwork which features the work of American/Canadian ceramic artist Kristin McKirdy’s (Dior & Kristin McKirdy, Sèvres & Kirstin McKirdy, Pierre Marie Giraud) pieces photographed by French photographer Benoit Grellet. McKirdy’s work presents a similar idea, in which her work fuses traditional ceramic techniques with design perspectives whilst taking inspiration from the art of porcelain, Chinese, Japanese pottery as well as paganism.

Merci Jitter ‘Movements Vol. II’ will be released digitally on December 11th.

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Published 2 years ago

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