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Italdred’s recent catalog flexes a diverse approach to modern grime-influenced sounds, as shown through the latest selection of artists the label has worked with. Sir Hiss’ Middle-Eastern rumblers are a stark difference to Namaste’s twisty, theatrical square-wave stylisations, and the production on Southwest-based UK artist Grace’s mixtape ‘ELLE’ further reinforces this dynamic presence.

George, a mere 18 years of age, has a clear vision for his music, and the masterful production prowess to go give it life. The selection of 7 tracks on offer are undeniably mature and sophisticated. Sonically subtle and nuanced – Grace maximises on the notion of sporadicity through an immense amount of breathing space. This lends to a slow-burning, developing pace on his production, taking time to carefully roll through each track duration.

Though a self-proclaimed take on Leftfield Grime/Wifey, there are nods to RnB through the soulful warmth he captures. An effortless juxtaposition between Jazz instrumentation and rich synthesis is achieved, gliding between a delicate percussive palette programmed with a concise sense of swing. This generates a spectrum of mood that George moves across with ease. Colourful, pretty soundscapes find themselves shifting to brooding, emotive numbers with grace.

Grace ‘ELLE’ EP will be released digitally on July 20th.

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