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Music and spirituality are two concepts that often find themselves intertwined, forming a unity that connects to the very soul of a human. Through music, it is possible for the path of the search into ones inner self to be a clear, fluid experience. Gorazd, FKA Mojo Goro, has walked this path, taking him into the heart of India from where his debut EP on Nostro Hood System takes great inspiration, both aurally and spiritually. This influence is also shared with a developed intrigue for Bulgarian gypsy music that hails from the Balkans. Through his travels and exploration of his spiritual being, he remerges as Goro to continue his intrinsic search. This constantly evolving, infinite journey poses a thought – Remember Who You Are. A universal reflection of the true self. Gorazd uses his EP as a tool to demonstrate this very concept.

Our pick off the EP is ‘Nagina’ elevates the energy, utilising a powerful reggaeton rhythm against a pungi – the mystical instrument of the snake charmer.

Goro’s ‘Remember Who You Are’ EP will be released on June 26th.


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Published 2 years ago

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