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Soundman Chronicles and Keysound signee Etch is someone we’ve long admired for his consistent delivery of experimental jungle rollers. His forthcoming ‘Ups & Downs’ LP on Sneaker Social Club acts as a form of musical escapism; with Etch cathartically using music to break free of the mental highs and lows of reality. This attempt to dodge the hang-ups of ‘inner space’ is contrasted with references to ‘outer space’ via cosmic synth pads and sci-fi movie samples, (tools also used to escape real life temporarily).

Our pick from the release is the ethereal ’Shine On (Zero Gravity Mix)’. The track is sort of the jungle equivalent of a weightless grime track, with heavily affected vocals and bass rumbles giving off a tense atmosphere and a dose of low-end anxiety. 

‘Ups & Downs’ is available from Sneaker Social Club on 19th October.  

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Published 1 year ago

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