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Following on from his ‘Limonata’ release earlier this year on More Time and previous appearance on Super Kitchen’s compilation, DJ Polo is now ready to serve us his first solo project on the Bristol based label entitled ‘Dance to Keep Warm’.

The whole EP expertly demonstrates the recent emergence of a club style that emphasises the syncopated rhythms of UK Funky and hardens them up whilst bringing in influences from party music worldwide, creating a fresh and unique sound that Super Kitchen has consistently championed.

Our pick off the EP is the title track ‘Dance to Keep Warm’. A track that carefully builds rhythmic tension, unfolding its layers of tribal drums and vocals before accelerating into an explosion of rapid-fire percussion, whistles and chants. The EP also features vocals from both Don Sinini and Yoyoyanoh who expertly transform ‘Date Night at BK’ into a swagger soaked crossover anthem.

After an impressive first half of 2018, both DJ Polo and Super Kitchen are set to continue their upward trajectories throughout the summer and into autumn, with ‘Dance to Keep Warm’ once again confirming that their seats at the table of UK dance music are well deserved.

DJ Polo’s ‘Dance To Keep Warm’ will be released digitally on August 3rd.


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Published 1 year ago

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