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Fallow presents his debut EP on the freshly established Chow Down label – six typically epic and emotive tracks from the semi-infamous Manchester-based DJ & producer.

On side A Fallow serves up 3 gigantic grime instrumentals with all the bravado, theatrics and outrageous samples the genre has to offer. The tracks are as cinematic as they are energetic, weaving pulse sounds, choirs and dreamy sino samples into breakneck dance-floor gear to great effect.

On the flip Fallow adopts his DJ Chalice moniker to explore his softer side. Still bursting with colour and melody, the tracks are as indebted to sunny dancehall records as they are a raw UK sound. Peppering carefree mallets and flutes with angelic chipmunk vocals, Chalice still captures the producers’ unique ear for bold melodies and vivid sounds.

Fallow & DJ Chalice EP will be released digitally on November 20th.

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Published 2 years ago

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