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Following on from the release of their label sampler, Leeds-based collective 8MANA continue to cement their place on the musical map with the boundary-pushing ‘Or U Waited’ EP from core member Clerk 37. In keeping with the label’s ethos, his five track offering pieces together disparate musical styles, creating a gestalt whole that’s almost unclassifiable but wholly captivating.

Our pick from the release, Decu, is a relentless ride through growling synth lines, sharp breakbeat bursts and tweaked out vocal samples that sporadically yo-yo up and down octaves. Elsewhere on the release Clerk 37 gets all heartfelt and cinematic on the title track of the EP whilst the wonky trap beat of ‘Screech’ takes on a much more demonic tone.

With a lot more music lined up for 2018, we recommend you keep tabs on this young collective from up north. ‘Or U Waited’ will be released digitally via 8MANA on 8th January.

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Published 1 year ago

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