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Cyber-artist Bored Lord has had quite an busy year. Having released a vocal pop album last September, she moved from Memphis to Oakland, started playing out more and joined the likes of botaz and bastiengoat as a member of the “underground party technicians” collective Trash Cvlt. These recent developments may well explain just how club-ready and euphoric the ‘Who Is She?’ EP feels. Whatever the reason, we’re very happy that it’s here!

Today we’re sharing ‘Wait, Huh’, the final original offering on the EP (before a slew of heady remixes). The wave of 808 kicks and mechanical samples hit you like a brick wall whilst the cut-up vocal samples seem to phase in and out of rhythm with the drum patterns to dizzying effect.

‘Who is She?’ EP will be released on 808 Day (8th August).

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Published 1 year ago

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