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With what seems like an unrelenting stream of new music flooding the internet, making your release stand out is definitely a challenge in this day and age. For Bobby Tank’s new ‘Oxygen’ EP, netlabel and content production company Not Like That have really gone all out to make sure their offering is a memorable one.

Tank’s first release in 3 years is being launched in collaboration with new media artist Baron Lanteigne who a created a set of crypto cards that can be mined and collected via blockchain platform Totemic.co. Lanteigne has also designed a 360º video installation entitled ‘Anthologie’ to be projected at the Resolution cinechamber for Bobby Tank’s live show. The video is an oversaturated patchwork of connected worlds depicting our relation with the virtual through the hundreds of LCDs surrounding us.

EP opener ‘Midnight Special’ is the inspiration and soundtrack for ‘Anthologie’. Ever-evolving and hyper-euphoric, this track is a great pairing with Lanteigne’s out-of-this-world imagery and a welcome return for the maximalist producer who’s been quiet on the release front.

‘Oxygen’ is available on 25th January. You can catch his AV show with a 360º screening of ‘Anthologie’ on 2nd February. Event link here.

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Published 11 months ago

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