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Zgjim Elshani is an Amsterdam based producer from Kosovo. His debut EP under the moniker BLEEDING HEART will be the 15th release on Vienna based label Ashida Park and feature 3 original tracks as well as 2 remixes – one by djb, also the creator of the haunting artwork as well as Suicide Club’s Bulma who is responsible for producing some of the roughest & toughest club music in the last few years.

The tracks on BLEEDING HEART’s debut EP are shaped by an eerie mood, always building up and adding layers of intensity and sound-walls as they progress. While working on the three original tracks in Amsterdam, Elshani who was born to Albanian parents in Switzerland, was trying to look for inspiration and found it in listening extensively to folk music from his native home of Kosovo and Albania that featured a lot of wild drumming accompanying very loud zurnas.

The artwork is depicting the main character of BLEEDING HEART in a defeated state, betrayed and wounded. It was created by Thomas de Rijk, also known as “djb” who contributed the second remix on this EP and Christophe Synak responsible for the typeface.

BLEEDING HEART ‘On The Brink Of Defeat’ will be released on September 18 on all platforms.

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